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Points are added as you use, unlocking features. You don’t need any points to start exchanging books.

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Find books from like-minded readers, browse by location, or pick from the entire library.

4. Post each other your books

USPS media mail is $2.80. Your next great read for the price of coffee. Friendships are free.

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We love books*.
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(*we love reading, ereaders and phones and cereal packets too, but there’s something lovely about a paperback in your pocket)

How does it work?

Enter five books you’re happy to swap, will find readers who own the same ones you do, then show you the other titles they have.

The simple premise is if they liked yours, you’ll probably like theirs.

(You can also search by city, tag, country or just plain old everything.)
You then post one of your books and they post you theirs, or meet to swap your two books. That’s it.

You can start or join swap clubs in your city, get recommendations, and talk books, books, books.

Each swap earns you reputation points, unlocking extra features. The more you engage with, the more books you can list to swap.

It’s like those “also bought” lists, but with real people’s tastes, not purchasing algorithms... and who doesn’t like a well read new friend?

I have a Kobo or Kindle

You can’t exchange books but you can still get recommendations, and every book also has links to the Kobo and Amazon stores.

Every time you buy a book through a link on we will award the same number of reputation points as you would get for completing a swap, so extra features will unlock just as quickly for you.

What if the other person doesn’t post me their book?

The karmic wheel will turn. Just to make sure, everyone’s profile also includes the no-show icon and count. If someone doesn’t reciprocate in sending their book they will get a black mark, i.e. their no-show count will go up.

You can see who is an Honest John and who is a Long John Silver on the book owner’s page. You can even list the owners by no-show.

Can I decline a swap?

If the other person (a swapee?) doesn’t have a book you want, then you can decline, by pressing the big ol’ Decline button. Don’t feel bad about it, it’s allowed.

However, the spirit of is to take a plunge, and for the price of a coffee, try a book that your new potential bestie recommends.

Do other countries have cheap media mail services?

We’ll add them as we find them, but right now Hermes in the UK can courier a book to a local shop from £2.45. Germany has Büchersendung, which costs €1.90.

The US has media mail at $2.80.

There’s more information about using any of these services on the site, once you’ve joined.

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